Cloudy Note Taking

I've been spending some time lately looking for a solution to writing and editing notes from across all of my devices, and while I realise Evernote does that, for various reasons (which I'll go through in another post - proprietary, slow, etc.) I've been migrating away from their service. I came across Paperwork, Laverna, TagSpaces and the OwnNote plugin for OwnCloud, all of which I should mention are Free and Open Source, as well as self-hostable on your own server. I've started to use TagSpaces locally, (which I'll review at some point) and also tested OwnNote, which seems promising, though a little slow in loading my large collection of notes which admittedly are in desperate need of pruning.

In the spirit of keeping things simple though, I realised the solution was right under my nose. Everyone uses it and it's accessible on practically every device without needing a bloated add-on app. Can you guess what is? That's right, ye olde e-maile. Write your note (title as subject), save as a draft and edit whenever it suits you. If it's anything sensitive, you can also easily encrypt the contents using your own OpenPGP key. Not very hip, cutting edge or fancily named is it? But it gets the job done.

I use this method more as a swap-space rather than a permanent solution. When I'm done with a note, it gets brought back into TagSpaces. Although I could imagine a solution where you simply tag your notes via the subject line and use that as your entire notes management repository. Of course, you might be missing other features, but how necessary really are those? Why make life more complicated than it needs to be?

*It appears that I've already surpassed my entire post output for 2014, for which I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Nibbler's unceasing exhortations.

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