Make the Squirrel Happy: Migrating from WordPress to Nibbleblog

When making the move from WordPress to Nibbleblog (did I mention it's completely free and open source?), I considered starting from a blank slate, but there were posts which I thought remained valuable, and let's face it - only a horrible and selfish sort removes anything that might be helpful to others. That being said, I was somewhat apprehensive about the migration process, thinking that everything might have to be done manually (a prolonged copy and paste hell). Thankfully I was spared that misery owing to the generous contribution of a user by the name of 'Krakengr'. His (or her?) script painlessly streamlines the whole process. All you have to do is:

I should add that Nibbleblog also supports pages, categories and tags, but I've chosen to strip all of those features from my instance. No sidebars, no headers, no menu, no comments, and certainly no social share buttons (has copying a link really become that hard?). Not even a fancy title, and I expect to keep it that way. Call it whatever you like.

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