Caring About Code

I've only been using Nibbleblog for a few days, but already I'm finding it so much more enjoyable to use than WordPress. Could it just be the novelty factor? Who knows. I have nothing against WordPress of course. It's a fantastic platform particularly suited for more complex or larger CMS requirements, but everyone else needs to get back to something simpler and easier to understand. It took me less than 5 minutes to work on a mod to my Nibbleblog template. Doing the same on WordPress would have demanded an immense deal of patience to put right...probably driving you out of your mind when you find that something else has ended up broken in the process, then spending several hours trying to fix that, finding yet another function broken, and...well, you get the idea, repeat ad infinitum until you begin cursing at every computer you lay eyes on.

We need to get back to simplifying software, not just in terms of its end result, but also in understanding the underlying code and what it does. We should be able to do it without needing a PhD in computer science or being a software developer. This also brings us back to software freedom, where one hopes that the user will actually care to look at, understand, and modify the code to suit his/her needs.

The people behind obfuscated proprietary software want nothing better than for most people to be afraid of the code: "Oh never you mind what that does, sonny, just click away and share this or that that on some social network, while we take care of that complicated 'computer geek' business" for you." It's that maternal embrace that we all desire - the underlying wish to have someone else take care of something for us, absolving us of all responsibility. Before blindly grabbing for that helping hand, more of us need to take a good look at what lies on the end of it. For the sake of a brighter future, it's vital that more people start to care about code, and one key way to do that will be to embrace the ever timeless value of simplicity.

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