Welcome to my new...what shall I call, e-journal, diary? Use whatever fancy or hip word you want, essentially somewhere to share information. I used to do something similar through WordPress, until I found myself turned off by the increasing bloat of that platform. There are minimalistic themes for WordPress of course, my favourite being Mnmlist, but what good does it do when the underlying structure is far more complex than necessary. As a result I looked at some other options before finally settling on Nibbleblog.

For anyone interested in the technobabble of it all, Nibbleblog is essentially a flat CMS, which basically means that you run the site without needing an external database. All in all, you have a simple distraction-free environment to write and for everyone else to read whatever they might find interesting. That, at least for me, is the ideal. I even occasionally use a text only browser to block out the growing number of distractions that continue to infest the web. The worst of these being social share buttons, seemingly plastered on every web page nowadays. Share this, share that, tweet this, tweet that, pin this, pin sometimes makes you wish for an alternate reality where people are actively dissuaded from sharing anything on the web! But I digress. What you will likely find here are occasional brief opinion pieces, quotes, advice on language learning (something I'm particularly fond of), translations of interesting articles, mini tutorials, possibly the occasional review of books or software, and pretty much anything else I feel is worth sharing.

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