Unorthodox Career Paths: Mike Judge

TPS Report

How do you go from earning a degree in physics to becoming a successful filmmaker and the creator of a cult animated TV series? How do you find your passion?

These are some of the questions that filmmaker and University of California, San Diego alumnus Mike Judge tries to answer here as a guest speaker. Judge graduated from UCSD in 1985 with a bachelor?s degree in physics.

(They) had us all convinced that if you got a degree in science, jobs would just come raining out of the sky. It would solve all the world's problems if we all had degrees in science, because there wouldn't be any world hunger, every one would have a job at Motorola (and) we'd be driving Corvettes.

Judge goes on to mention that his unorthodox career path, and the resulting experiences, were what set him apart from others and helped him to succeed.

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