What Is Your Recipe for a Better Life?

The Better Life Index by the OECD is an interactive tool that's well worth trying out, as it allows you to compare your own idea of well-being across its 34 member countries. It's based on 11 topics identified as essential in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life, with each of those flower petals representing the country's score in that topic.

It's useful in getting you to consider the different issues that matter most in your own life, such as education, community support, work-life balance, the environment, income and jobs. Wherever we happen to live, we should all be thinking about the kind of society that we want to help build. Although some issues might be universally appealing, it's never really quite as simple as only having a good income and house.

Give it a try and find out which country best aligns with your definition of well-being. In my case it looks as though I might have to give Norway a visit sometime...

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