The Human Enigma

This is a very interesting article in Businessweek covering Obama's email campaign for re-election and its testing methods. It really drives home the importance of testing, tracking and having analytics in place for all marketing campaigns. What's noteworthy in the Obama campaign's case was that a more personal and casual tone was more effective. In particular, I found this part the most interesting:

?We were so bad at predicting what would win that it only reinforced the need to constantly keep testing,? says Showalter. ?Every time something really ugly won, it would shock me: giant-size fonts for links, plain-text links vs. pretty ?Donate? buttons. Eventually we got to thinking, ?How could we make things even less attractive?? That?s how we arrived at the ugly yellow highlighting on the sections we wanted to draw people?s eye to.?

Often on the creative side of marketing we look to create what we perceive as being sophisticated design and artwork that will be more appealing to those targeted. Unfortunately humans are terrible at judging one another's psychological preferences and this becomes even more amplified on a larger scale.

This reality is precisely why such creative work needs to be built on a foundation of scientific testing methods, or what I like to term "Creative Intelligence", the concept on which 5ENSE was founded on. In the embodiment of one of its greatest practitioners, Leonardo da Vinci, science and art can and ultimately must inform one another to create a unified and greater whole.

Photo: Sara Mays

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