What Bait Do You Offer?

Quite an amusing vocational guidance video from the post-Great Depression era in the US (1940s).

It's interesting to note how much of the work being shown here is manual labour oriented. A modern day version would no doubt have 90% of the workforce sitting down staring at computer screens. Perhaps we can edit in a few computers, add some CGI tablets or smartphones and have the video upcycled.

Know Yourself

Some select quotes:
"We all realise that interests change frequently but if the interest is strong and is based upon some real ability or accomplishment, it will grow."

"Are you honest with yourself? Are you honest with others? Are you loyal?"

"Do you get along well with the gang? Or do you have frequent fall-outs?"

"There is no place in success for a quitter. Are you a quitter?"

Foundation of Success

"Every person must have 1 or 2 hobbies. Many people today are working at things which were their hobbies a few years ago."

(Showing a satisfied shoe maker) "Money is important for the things that it will buy and a certain amount of it is therefore necessary. As important as money however as the return for your work, is the satisfaction that comes from doing an interesting job as well as or better than others are doing it. If you set such satisfaction as your goal, expect the financial part to serve itself."

"Life itself is education."

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