Lt. General Paul Van Riper: Qualities that make for Great Leadership

/> Lt. General Van Riper discusses the qualities that make for great leadership. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in this 13 minute segment, which I would highly encourage anyone in any kind of leadership position or intent to watch. I have also provided a summary below.

Lt. General Van Riper made headlines in 2002 following the Millennium Challenge 2002 war game exercise, where using only low tech and unconventional means he managed to get the upper hand on what was at least on paper a vastly superior force. Even with the rules being changed against him, he still kept winning, at least until the the event descended into such a rigged farce that Van Riper finally quit. You can read more on that particular story here.

Lt. General Paul Van Riper


There are generally 3 types of leader:

- Dictatorial leader
- Indecisive leader
- Listening Leader (best type of leader)

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